Thursday, April 28, 2016

Last Blog!

I can't believe the semester is already over. This was by far my favorite class this semester and I truly enjoyed it each time we met! This activity we did today was great. I really like how we were able to bring diversity into the learning experience and it opened my eyes to how I feel about my own life and what I have gone through. When we did the activity where we walked across the room, I didn't cross very much. That made me feel awful and I left wishing that I could have better understood what others have gone through. It definitely made me think about how much I judge others without really knowing them all that well. Overall, this class has taught me so much this semester! I feel like I have learned more in this class than any class before. And it hasn't always had to do with sexuality, an example being our activity from today. I am leaving this class and semester with a greater understanding and open mind towards others. I am thankful for that!

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