Friday, April 29, 2016

last blog

so I've never really been any good at writing and getting my thoughts onto the paper, but this blog has made me feel like Carrie Bradshaw. thank you so much to ms. stone for making this class so entertaining and interesting. i definitely can say that i actually learned something in this class. i am so glad that i decided to take this class as one of my elective courses. this class has really opened my eyes and my mind to different people and ways of thinking. i also feel like i am more knowledgeable about sexuality and will be able to better teach my biological or adopted children and the children i work with from day to day if that is what my job entails. this class has also led me to some very personal realizations about myself as well. i have learned so much but still have more to go. but now i know that this subject area really interests me who knows maybe ill be a sex educator one day.

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