Friday, April 29, 2016

Last Blog!

I really liked the activity we did this Wednesday, it was cool to see people relating to others and seeing that I wasn't alone in some of the things mentioned in the activity.It was a little sad and surprising to me to see a lot of people crossing over when the word "fat" was being told to us. It was painful to see how many of us had been called that word, and usually from loved ones. I also liked how those two girls put their perspective to being called too "skinny". Labels go both ways, and it seems like nobody can be pleased, you're either too fat or too skinny, but I was glad that some people in class don't really care about those labels as long as you are healthy and well. I really loved this class and it was honestly the only class I would look forward to going all semester. I learned a lot and I hope I take this knowledge into the real world.

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