Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Thank you to everyone on the panel for sharing. I even thank everyone in the class for showing up today to be listen. For me, sometimes listening about these stories is harder than telling mine. Only because I don't think about my story or my perpetrator anymore. Or at least I try not to.

I forget how certain things in my life have changed after being 16. Or like how my behaviors have been altered.

Like this morning, my younger 19 year old friend, lied to her mom saying that she was in class when she was actually hanging out with me. I got upset with her for lying about where she was. 

I never lie about where I am with my mom anymore because well for one that's stupid. What do I have to hide? 
But more over because when I was seeing the guy who assaulted me, I was sneaking around. I lied to my mom that I was in extra credit study sessions when I would be at this older guy's house. 

It puts me back to that.

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