Thursday, April 7, 2016

Panel and Exam

The panel this week was very interesting. I am not the type to be in a poly relationship but I respect those who can. I don't think I can ever be in a dominant/ submissive relationship either, but again everybody is different and we need to learn to respect others and their decisions. I think trying new things during sex is always fun but to a certain extent in my view. I would not be able to deal being in pain for gratification or being gratified by hitting somebody. I knew about dominant and submissive to a certain point and knew that there was obviously different people involved not just one, but I didn't think people felt love for all. It was very interesting to find out new things.

About the exam coming up on Monday, I am not too excited about that. It is too much information that we get to look over when in reality not even half of it is on the test. I like the reviews because they help plenty, but it is too much work to do at times.

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