Friday, April 1, 2016


I looooved the panel we had this week. I felt like they all had something to say, and it was really informative. I liked how they addressed the pronouns, and had their own unique stories. I felt like I learned the most from this panel out of the others, because of my lack of knowledge about the androgynous, agender (i dont know if that's right and i'm sorry if it isn't), and transgender community. Even though there were mostly younger panelist, I feel like they were really comfortable with themselves, and had a lot to say about themselves, and the community in itself. I liked how they explained some of the terms, and explained the difference between asexual and agender individual, and that asexuality isn't that you don't have sexual feelings, or don't masturbate. Overall I really enjoyed all the panelists, and appreciate that they came in and were able to open up to us, and share their stories!

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