Friday, April 1, 2016


This week's panel was very interesting. I like how most of the panelists knew definitions and differences in the multiple terms and defined them to us to better understand. I love how the marriage between Jamie (I think that was what we called her) and her wife was continuously described as uniquely them. They didn't need a definition to describe their love, their title, or their sex life. I respected the fact that she did not want to disclose genital transition because it was private and something she would only share. I took the most from her, she was able to open the door and be honest. She also made it a point to say that they are all human and people, and have feelings. Often times what we consider "normal" more like 'comfortable", doesn't always mean that things we aren't used to are incorrect. Alot of individuals dont like to be questioned about who or what they are and the fact that she takes that moment to educate the peers around her says alot about her. I think that the class got to see someone who really connected and gained our attention...the transgender community is at war and it really makes me feel like I can be a part of supporting equality. Equality in a society that struggles with gays, lesbians, Queers....everything is "wrong" with people who love in a different way. This battle is far from over but I am able to step back now and really understand how simple and close minded our world is. Each individual had a story, from a different background, and all had stories about their families which is always interesting to hear their progress through each individuals journey. I love panel days because we learn something new each time.

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