Thursday, April 7, 2016


Unfortunately I had to miss class on Monday so on Wednesday when I walked in I was surprised we had a panel. I was really caught off guard when they started throwing all of these words out there and I had no idea what they were talking about. I tried looking at the notes as they were talking but I was so lost. But, the panelists did an amazing job at explaining everything. Honestly, this has been the most informative panel yet. So many things that they talked about amazed me like the polyamorous relationship. How do you keep up with so many partners? I have a hard time keeping up with one partner! Then when they mentioned "owning someone" or having slaves and contracts I was completely confused. I think it surprised a lot of us because it is not something we would be into but they are into it and it is all done with full consent so that is good. Another thing that stuck with me was the whole dominant and submissive thing. I just do not think that I could call my partner "Dom" or my "dominant". Not even "daddy". Although I would like to be called dominant and feel powerful for a second but yeah no.. Either way I enjoyed learning about this and I do not judge them in any way, I'm sure there is lots of things I do that others would not and that is perfectly fine.

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