Friday, April 1, 2016

sexual identity

I feel like I really learned a lot this week! I never realized the real differences between sex, gender, and sexual identity. I knew that there was a continuum between gay and straight, but I never thought about how complex it could get. I always hear people say "I didn't choose to be gay". I have always agreed with that statement. I guess that's why it was hard for some people in the class to accept that a man having sex with another man doesn't necessarily have to be gay or even bi. No, you can not choose who you are attracted to, but now I know you can choose your own sexual identity. You can be a girl and you didn't choose to be attracted to other girls, but you do get to choose if you identify as gay, straight, bi, pan, whatever! I never thought about it in that way. But it makes sense that you should be able to choose your own identity. After all, you are the only one who knows what goes on with yourself all the time. Maybe you only fantasize about other women and you feel that that makes you bi. Or maybe you hook up with girls every weekend but you still consider yourself straight. I like looking at it in the sense that no one can tell you what you are. We are all individuals and we should start treating everyone that way. Every single person on this earth is different from one another so why can't we seem to accept everyone's individuality and unique differnces?

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