Friday, April 8, 2016

Story of Baby X

     I finally got around to reading The Story of Baby X and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It made me think about how I'm going to address gender with my children. I always told myself that I'm going to be as gender neutral with my children as possible. I've never believed that people should abide by the gender roles that society places on us. But after reading that story I realized how hard it would be to raise a gender neutral child in this society. Even if I do buy my child neutral clothes and toys, my friends and family are still going to buy him/her things or make comments that reinforce gender. And since my child isn't going to be a hermit and will venture out into the world at some point, I know that other children and people in their life are going to try to impose gender rules on them. I guess I just have to teach my child that it is their choice what they want to do, and they should not let gender roles dictate how they behave. If they do want to go along with most gender norms, that's there choice. But if they want to do their own thing, I just need to tell them that I'll support them in any way.

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