Friday, April 1, 2016

T Panel

 I absolutely loved the panel, especially Jaime and D.J. I thought they were hilarious and I loved hearing them tell their stories. I feel that each panelist brought their own viewpoint and it was helpful to hear all of their sides and stories. It makes me really sad to hear when families aren't completely accepting of their children's choices and desires. And it also made me feel really awesome hearing Jaime say that her and her wife were still together and that they loved each other for who they were at their core and not based on straight physical appearance. I think these panels are so helpful in making what we're learning in class relevant and easier to understand the other side of things rather than just reading about it. I also liked that they touched on the bathroom subject because that's something that infuriates me, if you feel like you fit better and feel more comfortable going to the women's restroom or vice versa than you should be aloud to go wherever you please without having to fear persecution.

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