Friday, April 15, 2016

test and extra credit

i thought the test was relatively easy and i did like that it was all multiple choice. I wish we were going to have another panel in the remainder of the semester i found all of them so interesting and eye opening. 
I just went to the extra credit movie, The Image, tonight and that was definitely interesting. there were parts of the movie that were actually humorous but i wasn't sure if it was supposed to be until i heard others in the room laugh. while it was very visual, it was not near as visual as the movie Nymphomaniac. i wish that i had waited the watch Nymphomaniac until i watched the movie tonight because it would have been a good intro into that type of movie and the details that i would see. it was also pretty funny that we had to paper up the windows from passer-byers and put a note on the door. like its so taboo to watch a movie that is basically like porn (at least i think, i've never actually seen porn) and the fact that we have to warn people like "Do not enter unless you are okay with seeing penises and/or vaginas". i was really confused about the ending of the movie and like what exactly happened with anna and how claire became the guys submissive. maybe ill just have to read the book. 

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