Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Phone Call

The phone call on Wednesday was funny but she didn't really answer the questions asked. She would answer as if the question was completely different than what was asked. Her kids names were really unique and interesting. When she first started talking on the phone, I imagined her to be an older lady until we were shown the Facebook picture on the board.
The big discussion that came up about dress code seemed to be a big issue and upsetting thing for everybody in class. I agree with everybody, dress codes are really unnecessary. Every school is different so where everybody comes from, the way they had to dress was different. There was a lot of dumb rules at every school. In my school district, ripped jeans was the biggest thing that every teacher looked out for and everybody was always sent to the office for. The tiniest tear on a jean and you were sent to in school suspension. Many people would still wear the jeans and put paper to cover it if it was such a big deal and they were still sent to the office because it wasn't fabric covering the leg.

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