Thursday, April 7, 2016

This week was the most interesting week of this class for the semester so far. I went into the panel discussion excited, nervous, anxious, and open-minded. I had no idea what it would be like. The entire time I was somewhat in shock because I have never in my life encountered interactions with people of  this community. My reactions to the information they were giving us weren't bad or negative in any way, just surprised and somewhat uncomfortable because I am not used to discussing topics like BDSM/fetish/kink. I definitely learned A LOT yesterday! I thought that seeing the different toys was very interesting because I've never been around stuff like that before. I also never knew that age play and puppy play were a thing. I thought it was super cool how one of our classmates was on the panel. She mentioned this (which I liked) how she is just a normal student like the rest of us, which is so true. I would have never thought she was in a submissive/dominant relationship, because going into the panel discussion I had the thought that you would always be able to kind of have an idea of who is into that stuff, like they act a certain way in public or something (which is so wrong of me to think!) Overall, I really enjoyed the panel!! It was the most interesting one yet!!

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