Friday, April 22, 2016

this week...

I was wanting to go to this weeks panel just to be able to hear others stories and to see how the class took to this type of panel. but after thinking it over and talking with my wife, i realized that this panel was not the best for me to be at. it would have been a major trigger for myself and with finals so close i couldnt afford to have such a trigger. reading through some of the posts has made me see that this panel did its job. i am glad that something like this was able to help people see that these things are so common, and go unseen until it is to late. just last monday two of my friends passed away in a murder suicide in san antonio, because someone i thought was the sweetest, kindest, amazing man, got jealous over one of my other beautiful soul friends had a new boyfriend. i hope everyone learns something from this panel, and has learned not to judge someone over something they dont truly know about.

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