Friday, April 22, 2016

This week

This week's panel was certainly one of most emotional ones. I respect and appreciate each and every panelist for coming and sharing their story with the class. I can't imagine that it is easy to share some of the most intimate details of your personal life with a group of gazing students. I also appreciate all my classmates that decided to share their story with us. With that being said, I took away a lot of things from the panel that will be useful for me not only in a professional setting but in life in general. I thought it was important that every panelist emphasized the fact that leaving is not an overnight process; a lot of times as outsiders we become so frustrated with the situation that we forget to consider the perhaps it isn't the safest option, etc. My hope is that IF I ever come across someone who is in an abusive situation, that I am able to both identify the signs and be a helping hand. No one deserves to live in fear. 

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