Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thoughts About Class and Group Activity

I am going to start this final blog by talking about the group activity on Wednesday.  It was very interesting to see the different ways that people see themselves.  It is not for anyone else to say how we define ourselves as.  We have all been through a lot and have different perspectives, but we are all in this class.  To me, it kind of showed that no matter what background you have, there are always people that can share in those experiences because they have been there too.  We all made it to college:)

I was kind of offended by one word that kept being said by one word.  FEMALE.  I think the phrase was "Y'all females..."  and I found that a little offensive.  It sounds ridiculous, but depending on the tone it is said and the context, it is not a good thing to say to a woman.  I just had to get that off my chest because it has been said more than once this semester and I always feel so disrespected and looked down on because of the tone and the context that it is being said in.  I know a lot of people probably don't even think about it, but I am a person that picks up and pays attention to things like that, and it was not okay.

So about the class as a whole.  I loved it.  I came home after every class with something to share with my partner.  We even had some talks that I am not sure we would have had.  I really appreciate the input of my classmates and that they shared their experiences.  There are a lot of things that have happened in my life that I thought I was alone in, but there are people that have been in almost the exact same situation as I was.  

Thank you all!  It has been a great class:)

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