Friday, April 1, 2016

Thoughts on Kinsey movie

I went to the extra credit Kinsey showing and I really enjoyed the film. It was an actual movie, not a documentary like I thought it would be so that was a pleasant surprise. I feel like the movie focused on his personal/sex like a bit much which of course is good because it makes him seem more human, but it also took away from what I thought the main focus should've been, which was his achievements in the field of sex research. Not that that wasn't focused on, I just feel like mentioning his sex life kinda took me out of focusing on the research aspect. But this was a movie, not a biopic so it had to be entertaining as well.

Another think I want to speak on a bit is the panel we just had. I'm actually really glad that we split the Trans panel up from the LGB panel because it would have been way too many questions and not enough time if we had combined them. It was nice to have an older persons perspective and also the perspective of the younger crowd. I wish there were maybe two older people and two younger though. Because there were 3 younger people they haven't had as many experiences as an older person would. Still a good and interesting panel though!

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