Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Violence Panel

I really was not expecting to be sooo emotional during and even after this panel. I am a very emotional person about everything and this topic was something very hard to handle. I have never been a victim of any type of abuse nor have I known anybody that has been a victim, or that has came to me about it. I think it is horrible for somebody to have the decency to harm somebody in such a way. It was hard to see the panelist talking about it and their faces, they looked like it hurts them to think about it. That is something that will never be forgotten, from what I heard you may not want to think about it but the slightest thing can remind you about what you went through. It was very brave for the panelist to speak in front of us and share with us their experiences and answer all the questions that were asked. It was brave of everybody who shared their story out to the class even though it was very emotional to them. Many times you cannot tell who is affected like violence, I would have never thought of our own classmates being affected by it. How the panelist said, there is a way through it so anybody else getting through it, should talk to somebody and end it. It is always good to have faith, because even if you did not deserve to be put through the situation, you will get out of it. Never lose faith even if you believe it is not working.

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