Thursday, April 21, 2016

Violence Panel

This panel was very difficult to listen to. Hearing all the stories of how people were hurt is disheartening. It makes me realize how many people are affected by violence and abuse either from their childhood or their present. It was really hard for me to hear how many people that are affected by this violence have anger towards their religion or religion in general. After this panel, I now realize how much violence is in my own life with my parents marriage before their divorce and how I would continuously hear their verbal abuse and how manipulative they were to one another. One thing I wanted to say during the panel was when the question was asked whether to speak up or not when it comes to seeing abuse. When it comes to children most of the time they do not know that the abuse is wrong, sometimes it is all they know. So with children, I would suggest asking the ids what they do without saying that its wrong but simply asking to see what all is going on in the child's life.

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