Friday, April 22, 2016

Violence Panel

This has got to be the most emotional panel for me. I was so drained from it, I just wanted to go home afterwards and just not do anything. It made me think about a lot of personal stuff, and I just really also felt for the panelists and some of the people in our class. The panelist who talked about his brother beating him all the time sort of reminds me of my siblings towards me when I grew up. My story is a little bit similar to his, except with one of my sisters. Because of it I still hold resentment towards her underneath all my feelings despite the fact we sort of patched things up. I can't really be fully open or close to her because of it, and I think it caused me to have real trust issues growing up and still to this day.

I really liked the men vs women societal expectations we talked about on Monday. it puts a whole perspective on both sides and kind of shows that both sides struggle with stuff. Overall I think it's really awful that negative things said towards men are mostly related to women or feminine stuff.

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