Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wednesday's class discussion:

Our class discussion Wednesday about long hair- rules in school based on gender got me thinking. I found an article to display an example based off of what we discussed in class. 

I found this article in the Wall Street Journal.


This specific article is about an 8th grade boy who wanted to play basketball but wanted to have long hair. This 8th grade boy wanted to have long hair because it made him feel better about himself. A rule with playing basketball at this school was hair length BUT only for males. Stated in the article, "This case is about an infringement on a fundamental constitutional right…. This is a case about a kid who was forced to choose between the game he loves and not feeling like himself if he cut his hair.” I thought this article summed up what we talked about in class. How can a school system set gender specific rules? This is a consititutional right.. As stated in this article. Why are more individuals not choosing to fight this? The boy in this article took his battle to court with thE Greensburg,Ind., public-school. An end result of this court battle was "On Monday, the appeals panel said that while hair length isn’t a fundamental right, the haircut policy “impermissibly discriminates based on sex.” This statement is true hair length isn't a fundamental right. But so many schools do discriminate based on sex? This probably is not going to change anytime soon. More individuals need to speak up and show they care. Society needs to change their gender norm ideas. 

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