Thursday, April 14, 2016

Welcome to school, please leave your personality outside.

For middle school and most of high school I attended the same charter school. They were so so so strict on their dress code. There was a uniform (royal blue and red shirt, khaki or navy blue dressy pants). We could not wear hoodies, we could only wear zipper or button up sweaters in three specific colors and no logos. We HAD to wear a black belt (even if our pants fit perfectly fine) and there could be no designs or studs on it. Girls could only wear stud earrings, no "crazy" hair color or hair cuts, at one point they even tried to regulate whether we could wear nail polish or not. Guys could not have facial hair. At the beginning of the school day as we walked in from the court yard there would be several teachers inspecting us to make sure we were in dress code. Guys that had facial hair were given cheap disposable razors and forced to shave. Any one not in dress code was given in school suspension. Once they tried to give me in school suspension because I was wearing flats and I was wearing the small socks for flats (the ones you cant see) and a teacher pulled me aside and claimed I was not wearing the appropriate socks and therefore I was out of dress code. For SOCKS! Honestly I think this is ridiculous. It was like as we were walking in to school they were telling us to leave our personalities outside and we were given this boring personality to use for the day. There was no way for us to express ourselves. I think schools need to stop focusing so much on the way we are dressed and focus more on our learning. They evaluate the teacher a whole lot less than they evaluate student dress codes. What good does it do a child who has to miss a whole school day because they are not wearing a belt? No good!!

On another note, I saw this the other day and thought it was genius 😄

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