Monday, May 2, 2016

Kelly is gr8

My day today was so full of studying I totally forgot about this last blog but I felt the need to write it since it was the last one and I still have stuff to stay. First things first, we are all in line for a celebration since we are through with classes, congratulations everyone. However that also comes with some sadness because this class was the most fun class out of all the classes I've taken in my college career so it'll be sad knowing its over. Another thing I wanted to talk about was thank you to everyone in class who shared parts of their lives with us they normally don't tell people. This class has taught me more than anything that no-one lives a perfect cookie-cutter life. That was a big assumption I had about most people, this will bring change in my life because now I will start to explore people more in depth and let others confide in me and effectively help if needed, which I don't usually do to people I'm not very familiar with. After hearing some of your stories and having openly disclosed private information amongst each other  I just wanted to let you all know if you need someone to talk to, no matter what it may be about  I'm here for you and you can reach out to me at any time. I'm assuming you can reach me through here but if not reply to this post and we will figure something out. As for my final words on my final blog (probably the last blog on here): I just wanted to let you all know seeing how many of yall walked across for "being called fat" made me feel shitty to be a human, YOU ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL THE & ONLY PERSON WHO CAN TRULY DECIDE YOU'RE NOT IS YOURSELF. Have a great summer guys.

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